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AWS Security Solutions

We build automation into everything we do and streamline your build pipeline whilst maintaining strict policy enforcement and fleet consistency. Free your staff from repetitive server management tasks and allow them to focus on innovation and growing your business.

General Security Consulting

We cut our teeth in enterprise infrastructure and have an extensive background in general security consulting. We can advise on security policy, vendor selection, DevSecOps, DDOS protection, WAFs (including our own WAF), OS hardening and other security topics.  By leveraging Cloudten’s proven expertise in cloud security consulting, your organisation can pass on the heavy lifting of security adherence to a trusted partner.

Cloud SIEM Solutions

When it comes to maintaining a secure cloud environment, log management and monitoring is a crucial component. SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) technology aims to aggregate and evaluate security events in real time, proactively and intelligently interpreting them. Cloudten’s experts are specialists in SIEM solutions and have partnered with leading industry managed security specialist to deliver end-to-end capability.

Cloud Security Assessments

To ensure your AWS estate is compliant with internal security policy and resources are configure to best practice standards, Cloudten offers its Cloud Security Assessment.  We work with IT and business leaders to understand customer requirements while minimizing risk to the organisations.  Numerous configuration items are reviewed and reported, and remediation steps are taken to optimise security.

Cloud Security Consulting

Covering areas such as identity and access management (IAM), networking, OS security, encryption, logging & monitoring, NATs, WAFs, capacity management, high availability, backups & DR, our specialists work with you to assess the possible solutions available based on your requirements and desired outcomes.  We embed security into the design of your AWS infrastructure and applications, providing industry leading best practice to ensure that your cloud infrastructure adheres to the highest security standards.

DevOps Solutions

We build automation into everything we do and streamline your build pipeline whilst maintaining strict policy enforcement and fleet consistency. Free your staff from repetitive server management tasks and allow them to focus on innovation and growing your business.


There has been a massive push towards containerised applications in recent years. The ability to package not just code, but the associated OS runtime, system software and configuration into an optimised and highly portable format presents a massive opportunity to scale at speed across multiple hosting platforms.  Cloudten prides itself on being at the forefront of this revolution, having designed and delivered innovative  container solutions for a wide range of customers across a number of verticals. As well as having expertise in underlying container technologies such as Docker and Rocket, we have deep experience with container orchestrations platforms such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, ECS/EKS and Open Shift.

Machine Learning and AI

Recent advances in machine learning (ML) technology have led to a boom in real world projects that make use of video (OpenCV & Rekognition) and voice (Alexa, Jasper & Mycroft) services as well as deep learning and predicative analytics (Sagemaker & TensorFlow). Cloudten has worked closely with both AWS and a number of other partners to lead a number of Machine Learning/AI initiatives across healthcare, media and education to name a few. As well as the architecture and delivery of infrastructure in this area, our team is also heavily involved in the fundamental algorithm design and end-to-end coding and testing of solutions. We work with both technical and business customer teams to help formulate and realise tangible use cases where Machine Learning & AI can provide true benefit.


At Cloudten we bake security into everything we do. We hold ISO27001 certification and are one of only a handful of consulting companies in APAC to attain the official AWS Partner Security competency, an externally audited accreditation. In practice, this equates to enforcing secure coding methodologies such as input validation, least privilege, default deny and data sanitisation. We work with customers to automate security tasks such as vulnerability scanning (with Tenable or Qualys) and compliance monitoring (Cloud Conformity) as well the integration of log monitoring and SIEM solutions (QRadar, Splunk & Sumologic) and other controls to meet regulatory requirements where appropriate.


Speed to market and the ability to automate complex testing and integrations are crucial to remaining competitive and relevant in the current agile world of application development. Concepts such as blue/green deployments, canary testing and rolling releases are second nature to us at Cloudten. Our established DevOps practice is highly skilled in the end-to-end design, delivery and support of CI/CD solutions for customers no matter what stage of the DevOps journey they are on. We are familiar with a wide range of industry standard tools from Jenkins and Bamboo to platform specific offerings such as Octopus Deploy and AWS Code Pipeline.

Build Automation and Configuration Management

Manual system installation and configuration opens the door to human error and inconsistency. It also drastically increases the complexity and overhead of ongoing fleet management. Cloudten has adopted a fully automated model that utilises leading opensource and commercial technologies to securely build, patch and maintain large server fleets. We use tools such as Terraform, Packer, Jenkins and the Atlassian suite to automate infrastructure build tasks whilst performing hands-off configuration management and deployment with Puppet and Ansible.