Tribesta is a ground breaking social safety mobile application and website that enables users to stay connected offering the ‘opt in’ ability to keep track of other individuals in their ‘tribe’.

Business Challenge

When Tribesta approached Cloudten for advice around their current infrastructure and plans the application was hosted in a traditional hosting company’s datacentre. The solution was not scalable or highly available.

Tribesta challenged us to migrate their test and go-live infrastructure from a traditional static on premise architecture to a highly scalable resilient solution design.

Tribesta is poised to become the default social safety application in the Asia-Pacific region and are trusted by numerous government departments to deliver crisis management via their unique platform.

As part of their business model Tribesta expect large volumes of traffic in unpredictable spikes. The business needed assurance that come what may, their back end infrastructure was fit for purpose and could manage demand even in the most demanding of circumstances, whilst remaining robust with best of breed security.

AWS Backed Solution

Cloudten tackled the challenge with a two-pronged approach. Firstly, we identified the software stack and pain points associated with the current deployment and worked with the development team to mitigate these where possible.

Secondly, we redesigned the infrastructure from the ground up, leveraging the scalability, resilience and redundancy of the cloud whilst coupling security best practices.

We immediately recognised that the on premise solution did not scale and response times for outages were unacceptable, in some cases running into days.

Our solution used ELBs, WAFs, auto-scaling groups and several tiers of service with corresponding subnets and security groups to deliver true enterprise grade fault tolerance.


Tribesta reduced their monthly infrastructure bill, whilst increasing scalability exponentially.

As a comparison, prior to migration, Tribesta were running a single database server with a passive slave which sat behind a single web server. Had any of the SPoFs actually failed then the lead time to bring the service back online ran into hours and days.

For an overall cost reduction, Cloudten were able to design a solution that scaled out to 40 web servers backed by a highly available database instance that was replicated across two datacentres all the while increasing security.


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