One of Australia’s leading online pharmaceutical data warehouse providers looks to slash costs, increase performance and improve business contingency by implementing a staged migration to the cloud.

Business Challenge

Our customer was looking to migrate their aged data warehouse platform off locally hosted physical and virtual infrastructure into a fully managed cloud environment that enabled them to both horizontally and vertically scale their dynamic workloads.

One of the key challenges of working on data warehouse projects is the timely, secure and precise transfer of large amounts of information from local data stores to cloud hosted network storage. In addition to the initial bulk transfer, the near real time synchronisation of deltas must be catered for throughout the staged migration process.

AWS Backed Solution

Data analytics represents one of the ideal use cases for on demand cloud computing. To be able to cost effectively scale up or down in unison with peaks and troughs in workloads offers overwhelming business benefits.

AWS have been perhaps the quickest CSP to recognise this and provide a range of tools and services to help build and manage high volume data applications at scale. From batch processing, unlimited storage and large scale database platforms to secure low cost archiving solutions, AWS offers customers a complete analytics solution in the cloud.


Cloudten staff have had a long and successful relationship with this particular customer and have been involved with numerous architectural redesigns of their environment, from distributed midrange to intel, from physical to virtual and now from virtual to cloud. Our in-depth knowledge of their systems, applications and end to end business flows has ensured that our client has been able to adapt their online and analytics platforms to rapid changes in the IT landscape, whilst constantly expanding their service offerings and increasing their revenue.


Pharmaceutical Trade Organisation


AWS platform