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Many organisations move to the cloud because they want to run their business  – not data centres. Similarly, the proper management of cloud estates can be draining on an organisation and a distraction away from business growth.

We were Born in the Cloud

Cloud was a paradigm shift in infrastructure and Cloudten’s vision from the start was to redefine managed services. Large, traditional integrators can be bogged down with old ways of working and thinking and miss out on some of the efficiencies that Cloud and DevOps brings. Being born-in-the-cloud has freed us to re-think how we best serve customers and deliver the best possible outcomes for you and your AWS estate.

All AWS Certified Workforce

Cloudten have an all AWS-certified technical workforce (>50 certs and counting) that have deep expertise in managing AWS workloads for enterprise, public sector and mid-sized clients. When you become a Cloudten managed services customer you will interact with named contacts in Sydney many whom have multiple AWS certifications and have specialisations such as database management, Windows, Linux and DevOps to deliver the optimal service for your use case. Let our professional team bring our expertise and take away the headache of managing your AWS estate.

Enterprise Scale

Cloudten’s Sydney based team support 1000’s of AWS instances across multiple enterprise customers around the clock. We are well used to the challenges that effectively supporting mission-critical enterprise workloads bring. Our team provides top-tier support & management for core AWS infrastructure as well as specialist skills such as  enterprise scale Redshift data warehouses and dockerised application fleets.

Securely Efficient

Becoming a Cloudten managed services customer means that you get to tap into our learnings over thousands of hours of delivering cutting edge projects. We use the same DevOps and automation techniques that we deploy during professional services engagements to optimise and manage your estate. Our managed services team include CISSP and AWS Security Specialty qualified personnel to ensure security is the priority in everything we do.

Elastic Managed Cloud

In line with the core principles of cloud technology we believe that a managed service should provide scalability and flexibility and should be tailored to individual customer requirements. Consequently, our support solutions range from small niche environments to end to end managed pipelines.

Flexible Scope and Contracts

We are not a large-scale system integrator with restrictive contracts that charge extra for the smallest variation in scope. Cloudten provides targeted services with specialist support teams focused on data, security and cloud automation.

We Adapt to Your Environment

Our services are not prescriptive, and we don’t impose our standards and processes onto the client. We appreciate that our customers may have spent significant time, effort and money on software and tools. Our team is highly adaptable and have experience with integrating to a range of platforms and services.

CLOUD migration

We have been migrating a range of applications and infrastructure to public cloud platforms since 2014. Whilst the “lift and shift” option may not be optimal in terms of ongoing costs and strategic growth, we do recognise that it is a necessary and viable choice in certain circumstances. Alternately, we are also adept at complete transformations which decouple applications to provide additional scalability and resilience.

Secure and Robust Foundations

One of the key requirements for successful cloud migration is establishing secure and reliable network and infrastructure foundations. We work with a number of network service providers to design and deliver fit for purpose private network bridges between your existing data centre and CSP hosting facilities.

AWS Optimisation

It is a common myth that the cloud is always cheaper. When dealing with on-demand consumption-based services, there is a significant risk, especially with lift and shift migrations that costs will actually increase.

Right Sizing and Automated Scheduling

Having delivered and managed a range of cloud workloads over the years, Cloudten is adept at the various techniques associated with rightsizing services. Through the use of cloud native tooling we also have templated solutions for automated service scheduling to reduce billable footprints.

Cost Compliance and Reporting

We work with a range of commercial partners with enterprise grade cost optimisation tools that provide fine grained billing reports and dashboards to enable internal chargeback for large organisations.