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Cloudten offers a full suits of services aimed at designing, building and managing your key database, business intelligence and analytics assets and infrastructure.

We work with some of the the largest public and private sector companies in Australia to build and mange their enterprise data warehouses and data lakes. Data infrastructure we have built and manage power some of our customers' most critical workloads.


  • Database / DWH /Data Lake design and development
  • Database Infrastructure Builds
  • Data Migration
  • Database Administration


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Snowflake
  • Data Migration
  • Bryteflow
  • MongoDB
  • Looker


  • DWH, Data Lake
  • Big Data
  • ETL
  • VIZ Analytics


  • Superior techinical Sklls
  • Specialist professionals
  • 24x7 coverage
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Adaptive service model


Through the use of voice and video recognition, predictive analytics and deep learning, we can provide more effective business insights and greater processing efficiency.

Image and Video Recognition

There have been some ground-breaking developments recently in the areas of image and video recognition software. Cloudten have built a number of customised solutions using both cloud native services and open source software running on edge devices to help solve real world business problems across multiple industry sectors. This includes integrating services such as AWS Rekognition, Deeplens and Kinesis Video streams to provide historical and real-time analytics capability.

Natural Language Processing

Rapid advancements in computational processing, coupled with techniques such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and efficient voice transcription have opened up a world of possibilities for NLP. Our solutions have been used across a range of industry verticals to intelligently process, analyse and infer true intent. We have worked extensively on the design and delivery of cloud native solutions that integrate services such as Amazon Lex, Polly, Transcribe, Textract and Comprehend to provide tangible business insights from non-structured data.

Predictive Analytics

Advanced analytics and deep learning technologies are fast becoming a crucial component of an organisation’s data strategy. The ability to not just process and present data, but to use this information to recognise and predict patterns and trends provides invaluable insights for business development. In addition to incorporating cloud native services such as AWS Sagemaker and Forecast, we work with leading commercial vendors such as Databricks to develop advanced ML models and algorithms.

IVR Solutions

Building on speech recognition and NLP techniques, we have incorporated interactive voice technologies to perform intelligent call routing and basic triage functions for a range of call centre functions. Our solutions are able to perform sentiment analysis and can be trained to learn accents, slang and other intricacies of language. We typically build our IVR platforms on cloud native services centred around Amazon Connect but can also incorporate the use of commercial VR devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri.

ADvanced analytics

One of our fastest growing areas of focus is in the advanced analytics space. Our team of data scientists and engineers are adept at working with cloud native and commercial analytics engines to help create innovative solutions to solving business problems.

Embedding Machine Learning Technology

Cloud native services such as AWS Sagemaker, Azure MachineLearning Studio and Google Datalab have enabled machine learning to become part of mainstream analytics solutions. We are also working with some of the leading commercial vendors in this space, most specifically Databricks, to build cutting edge analytics platforms.

Solving Business Problems

Our advanced analytics solutions have been deployed across a range of industries to solve real world business problems. From optimally matching patients to clinical trials in the medical research field to helping detect fraudulent transactions and claims in financial services, our team has vast experience in this emerging field.


Our Object Detection and Identification Node (ODIN) is a small integrated hardware device with a dedicated GPU unit, specifically designed for processing live video streams.

Opensource with Optimised Machine Learning Algorithms

ODIN is built upon opensource graphics libraries and uses customised algorithms to detect and learn visual patterns. This enables it to recognise specific objects as well as combined motions to identity predefined actions and movements.

Real World Applications

A range of industries are now using this type of technology to improve safety in the workplace, crime prevention and to optimise efficiency for things such as queue processing and defect management.

Call Centre automation

Our cloud based IVR solutions integrate voice recognition with a number of machine learning technologies to intelligently route calls and respond to common queries. This enables actual call centre staff to focus on more complex and important calls.

Relieving the Pressure on Busy Staff

In times of crisis or increased load, call centres can become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of calls. A significant percentage of these calls can be classed as simple queries. Requests for common information or routine questions that generally take less than 5 minutes to answers. However, this detracts staff from responding to other, often more important calls in a timely manner. This can be a particularly concerning problem in the health care industry.

Dynamic Triage

We have recently worked on several solutions to perform voice-based triage of simple problems to either effectively route calls or provide routine information to callers. This has actively reduced the number of calls that end up going to busy call centre workers and has allowed companies to provide better complete care and service to customers.




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