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EBS updated – elastic volumes released

Two weeks ago, AWS introduced the Elastic Volumes feature for EBS. This feature is available now in all AWS regions at no additional cost.

Interestingly it’s also available for any EBS volumes you may already have provisioned as well (provided attached volumes are attached to a current generation EC2 Linux instance). Now, you can say goodbye to the “traditional” way of changing EBS volume sizes.

In the EBS Volume console, after selecting an EBS volume, you can find the “Modify Volume” option in the “Actions” list. You can change not only the size but also the volume type!

There is a delay of a few seconds for changes to volume size, whereas a change of volume type or IOPS will typically take around 6 hours for a 1Tb volume during which you can monitor the conversion.


modify volume

modify volume window



Although, you still have to manually carry out the change, it’s much more convenient than this job was previously.

Note. Any changes to volume size will only be visible once you extend the Linux volume’s file system to make use of the new storage.

There is more: you can “use Amazon CloudWatch to trigger AWS Lambda to automate the volume changes to meet the changing needs of your applications.”