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Cloudten offers a full suits of services aimed at designing, building and managing your key database, business intelligence and analytics assets and infrastructure.

We work with some of the the largest public and private sector companies in Australia to build and mange their enterprise data warehouses and data lakes. Data infrastructure we have built and manage power some of our customers' most critical workloads.


  • Database / DWH /Data Lake design and development
  • Database Infrastructure Builds
  • Data Migration
  • Database Administration


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Snowflake
  • Data Migration
  • Bryteflow
  • MongoDB
  • Looker


  • DWH, Data Lake
  • Big Data
  • ETL
  • VIZ Analytics


  • Superior techinical Sklls
  • Specialist professionals
  • 24x7 coverage
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Adaptive service model


We will work in tandem with your IT and business teams to understand your data requirements and drive efficiencies through deeper business insights

Business And Data Analytics

One of the most important facets of any data project is understanding business drivers, your existing data landscape and the fundamental requirements that will help define success.
Our team of skilled data analysts are experienced at working with client teams to effectively lay the foundations of your data journey.

Data Engineering and Architecture

Our established team of data engineers and architects are skilled and experienced in the design, delivery and support of cutting-edge data platforms. We work with leading cloud native and commercial products to build custom data solutions that are tailored to business needs.

Data Governance and Security

Data security goes far beyond encryption in transit and at rest. With more and more organisations storing sensitive data in cloud platforms, it is essential that data quality, security and traceability are maintained throughout your environment. Cloudten can help define, implement and enforce strong data governance practices. We also work closely with several leading commercial vendors in this space.

Data Science

Designing and building the perfect data platform is all well and good, but if you don’t have the people, knowledge and skills to be able to leverage it, the business insights and benefits will be lost. Our team of experienced data scientists can work closely with your business and data analysts to help you build effective analytics models to gain deeper business insights from your data.

Data Lake

A Data Lake is essentially a centralised storage repository where organisations can ingest and aggregate a wide range of data types from various sources. The scalable and on-demand benefits of cloud computing make it an ideal hosting platform for such an environment.

Industry Leading Lake Solution

Cloudten has a wealth of experience in the design and delivery of data lake solutions that incorporate cloud native services and industry leading commercial products. From automated ingestion pipelines and ETL through to advanced analytics, data warehousing and business intelligence, our data services team are adept at integrating all manner of components into data lake platforms.

Data Warehouse

A data warehouse is fast becoming a crucial component of modern analytics platforms particularly with respect to business intelligence. As a centralised repository of aggregated structured data, the warehouse provides a single source of truth for reporting and querying.

Cloud native warehouse Solutions

There have been a number of ground-breaking developments in cloud-based data warehouse solutions. From CSP provided services such as Amazon Redshift, Google Big Query and Azure Synapse to the industry leading Snowflake platform, Cloudten has been helping customers to leverage the power and scalability of warehousing technology for years.

Advanced Analytics

Rapid developments in computational science and artificial intelligence have led to amazing growth in the fields of advanced and predictive analytics. For many years, opensource technologies such as ApacheSpark and Tensor Flow have enabled insights and unlocked barriers to deep understanding.

don't get left behind

Building on these concepts, Cloudten has been working with industry leading commercial vendors such as Databricks, Amazon and Google to help customers fully leverage advanced machine learning capabilities. Our experienced data scientists are well versed in the development and deployment of customised algorithms and training models.

Machine Learning

In addition to using machine learning for predictive analytics, the ability to convert non-structured to structured data, enables a whole new world of insights to be leveraged. Cloudten has been at the forefront of integrating voice, image and video recognition technologies into advanced learning models.

opening the senses to a world of data

From the ability to read, understand and interpret scanned data from decades past, to real time recognition of streaming video and audio, we have worked on a range of projects that deliver tangible business benefits to our customers. This has included reducing mundane and repeatable tasks for health care workers, to reducing wastage and improving safety and customer satisfaction on public transport.