Cloudten techblog: The Cloud Thesaurus

There are a LOT of public cloud providers in the market and it’s nearly impossible to keep track of the services and terminology that differentiate them. To compound the issue further, some of the largest providers, particularly AWS and Microsoft Azure, release new services and features so frequently that it’s a constant battle to stay informed and up to date.

Not everyone has the time to spend getting across all the platforms, and it is quite common for people to concentrate their efforts becoming adept with the technologies of one of the providers, rather than all of them.

However, there is a growing trend towards “multi-cloud” and cloud escrow. Organisations, for various reasons, are hesitant to put all their eggs in one basket so to speak. It is becoming more and more important to have an awareness of the competing service offerings, even if you have no immediate plans on cross skilling.

The aim of this post, is to attempt to provide a quick look up reference of similar products and services across three of the largest public cloud providers; AWS, Azure and Google Public Cloud. Whilst there is not always a direct equivalent for every service, and some of the comparisons below may be a bit contentious, we hope that this offers some form of assistance to those who need to be across the different terminologies.

It can be argued that AWS is more of a pure Iaas ( Infrastructure as a Service ) platform rather than a PaaS ( Platform as a Service ) like Azure and Google Cloud Platform lean towards, however, the feature sets can be quite comparable in many areas.

We would welcome the cloud community’s feedback, input and suggestions to try and improve and add to the list. I will readily admit to not personally being an expert on Google Public Cloud so apologies if I have left off any services. It would be great to be able to add other service providers such as IBM Softlayer and CenturyLink.

Compute AWS Azure Google Public Cloud
EC2( Elastic Cloud Compute ) VM ( Virtual Machine ) Machine
Lambda WebJobs
ECS Windows Server Containers Container Engine
AWS Device Farm
Storage AWS Azure Google Public Cloud
Ephemeral Temporary Storage ( D drive ) Ephemeral
EBS Page Blobs Persistent disks
S3, S3 Reduced Redundancy Blob storage, Files Standard Storage, Durability ReducedAvailability Storage
Glacier Backup Cloud Storage Nearline
Storage Gateway Storsimple
Import/Export Import Export
Site Recovery
EFS  FileStorage
Database AWS Azure Google Public Cloud
RDS Azure SQL DB Google Cloud SQL
DynamoDB Table Service, Document DB Cloud Datastore
ElastiCache Azure Managed Cache
RedShift HDInsight Cloud BigTable
Networking AWS Azure Google Public Cloud
VPC Vnet
ELB Load Balancer Network Load Balancing
AutoScaling Group Autoscale
ACL Endpoint ACL
Security Group NSG
Direct Connect ExpressRoute InterConnect
Route 53 Traffic Manager Cloud DNS
CloudFront CDN
CloudHSM Trust Centre
VPC Flow Logs
IAM & Monitoring AWS Azure Google Public Cloud
IAM Azure Active Directory
CloudTrail Azure Operational Insights
CloudWatch Azure Application Insights Google Cloud Monitoring
CloudWatch Logs Google Cloud Logging
Directory Service Azure Active Directory Google Apps Directory Sync
Config Azure Operational Insights
Trusted Adviser Visual Studio Highlights ?
AWS MFA Azure MFA Google Authenticator
Deployment & Management AWS Azure Google Public Cloud
Elastic Beanstalk Cloud Services, WebSites & App Service Google AppEngine
OpsWorks Automation
CloudFormation Azure Resource Manager Cloud Deployment Manager
CodeDeploy Azure Scheduler
CodePipeline Azure Scheduler
CodeCommit Azure App Service
 API Gateway API Management Translate API, Cloud End Points
Analytics AWS Azure Google Public Cloud
EMR HDInsight Big Query
Kinesis Stream Analytics
Data Pipeline Data Factory
Machine Learning Machine Learning Prediction API
Application Services AWS Azure Google Public Cloud
SQS Windows Azure Queue, Windows Azure AppFabric Queues
SWF Azure Batch, Azure Service Bus Cloud DataFlow
SNS Notification Hubs, AppFabric Topics Google Cloud Messaging
AppStream RemoteApp Google AppEngine
ElasticTranscoder Azure Media Services
SES Azure Biztalk Services
CloudSearch Azure Search Google
Azure AppService Google AppEngine
Mobile Services AWS Azure Google Public Cloud
Cognito Azure Media Services
Mobile Analytics Azure Media Services
SNS Notification Hubs, AppFabric Topics Google Cloud Pub/Sub
Enterprise Applications AWS Azure Google Public Cloud
WorkSpaces RemoteApp ( VDI )
WorkDocs Azure Files, Office 365 Sharepoint Online Google Drive, Google Apps
WorkMail Office 365 Exchange Online Google Mail, Google Apps

This blog in no way attempts to make a comparison between the quality of the services offered by each provider and it is definitely not trying to provide any recommendations to use one over the other.

Cloud Academy recently published a blog post with a more detailed analysis of a subset of core features that includes pricing and resource comparisons.

Clouduccino, also recently published an excellent AWS and Azure comparison that includes links to the product documentation for each service.

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