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Cloudten offers a full suits of services aimed at designing, building and managing your key database, business intelligence and analytics assets and infrastructure.

We work with some of the the largest public and private sector companies in Australia to build and mange their enterprise data warehouses and data lakes. Data infrastructure we have built and manage power some of our customers' most critical workloads.


  • Database / DWH /Data Lake design and development
  • Database Infrastructure Builds
  • Data Migration
  • Database Administration


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Snowflake
  • Data Migration
  • Bryteflow
  • MongoDB
  • Looker


  • DWH, Data Lake
  • Big Data
  • ETL
  • VIZ Analytics


  • Superior techinical Sklls
  • Specialist professionals
  • 24x7 coverage
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Adaptive service model


We work with your security team to deliver cloud based security controls and event driven DevSecOps techniques to ensure your security posture is maintained without slowing down innovation.

Security Consulting

Our consulting team includes CISSP, AWS Professional and Specialist certified security experts. We are a trusted partner to some of Australia’s best known organisations and are one of only a handful of officially recognised AWS Security Competency partners.
We specialise in cloud security audits against a range of established regulatory controls covering the financial, healthcare and public sectors.

Perimeter and Network Security

Our security team have experience in the network security field going back more than 20 years. We now work with some of the leading cloud security vendors to provide enterprise grade perimeter security platforms.
Through the integration of cloud native services to improve scalability and cost efficiency, our innovative solutions help protect hybrid networks.


One of the biggest challenges facing organisations migrating to the cloud is testing, managing and reporting compliance. Cloudten works with cloud native services and leading security vendors to automate compliance monitoring across a range of security frameworks. Continuous compliance is rapidly becoming the standard for cloud base security models. We can help take away the complexity and headache of managing the cloud security landscape.


The ethos of “automate everything” most definitely extends into the area of cloud security. DevSecOps is a natural extension of established DevOps practices that ensures best practices for code versioning, templated deployments and configuration management are applied to security. Cloudten fully embraces DevSecOps principles to ensure continuous monitoring, compliance and reporting of cloud based workloads”.

Protected Datacentre – PRODC

Protected Datacentre is a fully featured datacentre with edge services, IPS, IDS, WAF and integrated compliance monitoring. It comes with a highly automated deployment model that configures cloud native security controls, centralised logging, federated identity, encryption, region lock down and much more by default. Operational teams can easily launch new accounts and workloads without having to configure additional networking, security or federated identity. All costs for each workload are clear and easy to manage. Best of all, PRODC allows you to focus on business transformation with the peace of mind that your cloud infrastructure is truly secure.

Secure Transit Gateway – STG

Secure Transit Gateway opens your datacentre to the internet to serve application traffic, and adds a web application firewall (WAF), SSL handling and load balancing. This solution gives you multiple layers of security, is highly available and traffic is end-to-end encrypted. STG can also provide a default route with application ID filtering for outbound internet access. Both STN and STG are multi-cloud ready, acting asa hub for multi-cloud connectivity.

Secure Transit Network – STN

SecureTransitNetwork simplifies your network by consolidating multiple direct connects and peers into a single hub and spoke design, immediately reducing costs and complexity. STN routes all internal traffic via firewalls for inspection and control including IPS and IDS, increasing your visibility to attacks and threats across the network.




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