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The Star Entertainment Group

The Star Entertainment Group

Project Date

problem statement

This customer was looking to migrate their entire public website infrastructure from a third party hosted virtual platform into the AWS cloud to leverage the benefits of scalability and flexibility. As part of this process they were looking to implement DevOps best practices to automate and streamline their build and deployment pipeline. This involved a complete website redesign and the introduction of new tools sets and technologies to leverage maximise benefit from cloud infrastructure. The challenge was to cut online services over in a seamless manner whilst ensuring that the customer experience and the end to end site performance was not adversely effected.


The AWS platform provided a number of managed services that were easy to deploy and enabled the customer to spend less time on systems administration and more time on developing and releasing improvements and feature enhancements to their online applications. These services included AWS RDS, Elasticache and auto-scaling whilst integrating configuration management tools such as Puppet to ensure a consistent and repeatable fleet.

Outcomes and results

Cloudten were able to identify a number of performance bottlenecks with the architectural design during the pre-release stages of the project, and provide tangible recommendation to both remove single points of failure and improve end to end reliability.

Our relationship with the company has grown to the extent that we are now the primary managed service provider delivering ongoing consulting as well as 24/7 support for complex AWS issues.

aws services used

WS platform, Elasticache, RDS, Auto-scaling, IAM and ADFS

Third party application or solution used