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News Corp

News Corp

Project Date

August 2014

problem statement

News Corp were having throughput and performance issues in their high volume, mission critical AWS infrastructure and were hitting capacity limits on a daily basis.

Cloudten was commissioned  to perform an in depth analysis of their environment and provide tangible recommends to improve performance.


Our client was a large and established AWS user that utilised a number of auto-scaling services and DevOps tools to automate builds and deployments.

This particular engagement involved investigations around service degradation related to sudden traffic spikes and scaling inefficiencies.

Outcomes and results

Cloudten successfully determined a number of the infrastructure bottlenecks and provided coherent and practical recommendations that were not only able to address the core issues, but drastically improve both the performance and the security of the existing model.

As well as possessing in-depth knowledge of core AWS services,  our consultants’ low level experience with reverse proxy and application server technologies proved invaluable in provided and end to end solution.

aws services used

AWS platform

Third party application or solution used

WAF, Cloud Formation, Nginx Web Servers