Cloudten is a born in the cloud AWS consulting practice that continuously strives to raise the bar and excel in everything that we do. We have en enterprise pedigree and work across business types and industries.


We believe there are many advantages to working in a consulting capacity; skills, ideas and technologies can be shared quickly through the group. This benefits everyone, not least our clients.
We are an open, friendly consultancy that positively values each individual for their contributions.

We focus on personal development, technically through training & industry experience and by encouraging our team to develop their own personal brand through community participation. We work in an exciting, fast moving space that has huge opportunity for all involved and our working environment reflects this.


We hire for attitude and enthusiasm.
We are customer focused and we value those that consistently over-deliver in this area.
Technically, we look for individuals who have a track record of thinking outside of the box.
Experience in cloud environments is not necessarily a pre-requisite.
Curiosity is a positive trait.