AWS summit impressions

We are 5 hours into the summit at the time of writing and it has been a blast!

Some quick facts from the keynote:

  • 1017 platform updates for AWS in 2017
  • 90+ services running on AWS
  • Over 5000 people in attendance

There is a big theme on superpowers this year with the different breakout sessions based on themes such as X-ray vision, immortality and precognition. These highlight how using the available services on AWS allow you to do things you were never able to do before. They have given examples of use cases such as autonomous mining equipment and smartphone keyboards with integrated banking features.

There are over 80 sessions over the next two days showcasing all kinds of AWS customers and their achievements, there are also showcases by AWS themselves. If you missed out on the registrations they are still accepting walk ins on day two so be sure to come on down and take a look, If you run into any of the Cloudten team here don’t forget to say hello!