Cloudten techblog: AWS Service Catalog

Service Catalog is a new AWS service announced at re:invent 2014 in Las Vegas and will be available very early 2015.

Service Catalog allows AWS users to create customised service catalogs of standardised deployable products.

Now, IT departments can configure custom dashboards that allow developers or other business groups to provision AWS resources themselves via granular security controls.

Custom services and products developed internally can be published to the catalog and permission to deploy resources can be granted via IAM roles, users and groups.

Each product in the catalog is deployed via an existing cloud formation template, options can be locked down to predetermined instance types or the ability to choose large or small instance types can be provided.

Products can be defined as self managed where the instance or resource is launched within the developers’s AWS account or centrally managed where the service is launched under the company’s admin account. This allows tight control of resources if required or delegation of responsibility to business groups if control is not an issue.

We think this announcement further strengthens the case for AWS adoption, companies can now create workflows that hand the power of the cloud in a controlled, predictable way to users.

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