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 The scalability and flexibility of public cloud presents the perfect hosting platform for Big Data workloads that often require burstable compute and storage capacity. As an AWS Advanced Consulting partner, Cloudten has been working with a range of customers across public and private sectors to help design and build enterprise grade data solutions built entirely on nativeAWS services.

One of our most popular product offerings is a templated Data Lake centred around the AWS Redshift Data Warehouse service. Redshift is a robust and highly scalable OLAP-style database built on the trusted and reliable PostgreSQL platform. With the addition of Redshift Spectrum, the solution now enables direct querying of data within S3 object storage, thereby reducing storage costs and improving query performance by reducing the amount of data scanned.

We use cloud native CI/CD best practices for the repeatable and consistent deployment of infrastructure, applications and associated data pipelines. Our established data services team has broad and deep experience across the full range of AWS tools covering:· 

ETL/ELT :- Amazon provides a number of native services to extract and process structured, semi-structured and unstructured datasets from a range of sources including streaming media. Amazon Kinesis and Glue are amongst these services.

Data Lake :- The main benefit of a Data Lake is that you can now store almost any kind of dataset with near limitless storage and retention capacity. Different S3 buckets can be used for the various stages of data curation.

Data Warehouse :- After data has been processed within the late, it still needs to be presented in a format that can be easily queried. Amazon Redshift is an enterprise grade data warehouse service that scales up to petabytes of storage.

Advanced Analytics/Machine Learning :- Amazon have released a number of innovative ML services over the years that include Rekognition, Transcribe, Textract and Comprehend. Sagemaker provides an intuitive development platform for algorithm development and training.

Business Intelligence/Visualisation :- No modern data platform would be complete without the ability to see the results of processed data. AWS provide a number of services to query and display data through dashboards and reports. QuickSight is an easy to use visualisation tool whilst Athena provides the ability to quickly query structured and semistructured data inside S3 buckets.

Case Studies:
Origin Energy
Federal Government Agency
Transport for NSW - NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)
Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR)