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AWS launches Amazon Connect

Amazon has launched its Connect service to provide a cloud based contact centre offering. This service allows  you to setup a contact centre in minutes powered by the same technology in use by the Amazon support team.

The service is entirely managed and automatically scales to allow for any volume of calls. You can organise numbers, setup agents and automate reports quickly and easily. There is also the ability to run call recording, pushing all recordings to S3 and encrypting them.

As is typical with many AWS services, Connect integrates nicely with the rest of the AWS ecosystem. You can leverage the voice recognition system and text to speech output of Alexa and Polly. These will allow you to construct prompts for incoming calls and allow for people to request something specific without browsing through extensive menus on the phone.

You can federate users from your active directory to set them up for connect in minutes. The connect console works with a browser which makes it ideal for use on virtually any OS or device that’s running a recent version of chrome or Firefox.

Customer references are available from companies who were on the beta of Connect. These references highlight the availability of the service being very good. With Connect, you can take advantage of high availability offered by AWS.


If your AWS account is less than 12 months old you can use the Amazon connect free tier which allows for:

  • 90 minutes per month of Amazon Connect usage
  • A US direct inward dial (DID) and a toll-free number for use per month
  • 30 minutes per month of US inbound DID calls
  • 30 minutes per month of US inbound toll-free calls
  • 30 minutes per month of US outbound calls

You can spin up and test out Amazon Connect by assigning a number and then making and receive a few test calls inside. This can all be done inside free tier at no charge!


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