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AWS VPC now allows addition of secondary CIDR blocks

AWS recently announced that we can now expand the IP range of a VPC after the VPC has been created. Great news! We no longer need our previous blog about how to rebuild VPC to enlarge the CIDR block. Let’s have a try with this new feature: In AWS VPC console, select the VPC you want […]

Securing Matillion ETL with AWS Simple AD

If you are using  Matillion ETL/ELT tool for Redshift and want to take advantage of AWS Simple AD, the short answer is yes, you can. The Matillion marketplace AMI works with AWS Simple AD LDAP. Here are the complete step-by-step instructions to help you get started. You’ll need to be running an AWS Simple AD, […]

EBS updated – elastic volumes released

Two weeks ago, AWS introduced the Elastic Volumes feature for EBS. This feature is available now in all AWS regions at no additional cost. Interestingly it’s also available for any EBS volumes you may already have provisioned as well (provided attached volumes are attached to a current generation EC2 Linux instance). Now, you can say goodbye to the […]

Scalable WordPress with AWS Elastic File System (EFS) and RDS

In a previous post, we performed a test drive and benchmarking of AWS Elastic File System (EFS).  This time round, we put it to practical use by using it as a shared content tier for a scalable WordPress installation. It’s quite common to launch a WordPress website within a single box and then expose the web front end to the internet. […]

Cloud Cron: Schedule your EC2 on/off with Lambda

Before Lambda was announced, if you wanted to schedule EC2 instances on and off to save costs, creating an extra micro or nano instance as “the lord of the instances” to rule other instances was kind of a no-brainer.  However, the lord of the instances has its dark side. In order to use the AWS CLI to […]

AWS Managed Active Directory Service

In December, AWS announced a rather significant, and welcome, update to their existing Directory Service. The service, which was first introduced at re:Invent 2014, initially offered two operability modes: AD Connector – A proxy service that allows you to connect AWS services (and applications running on them) to an existing on-premise Active Directory domain. No […]

AWS NAT Gateway Service

Last year we posted a blog entry that posed one of the real world dilemmas associated with running highly available NAT instances inside AWS. For quite a few years now, AWS’ customers have been requesting a managed solution to this that didn’t require standing up and monitoring EC2 instances. And now it’s here ! So what exactly […]