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Puppet Discovery

author: Reza Hashimi – Senior DevOps Architect – Cloudten Getting ready for Puppet Discovery   There is often a challenge for organizations transitioning to the cloud to adopt a hybrid infrastructure model. While a mix of on-premises and multi-cloud services provides agility, efficiency and cost optimization, it increases the complexity of selecting the right toolsets […]

Connecting Clouds: From Bastion to Hybrid Cloud Hub

One of the foundational pillars of any cloud strategy is connectivity. How are you going to securely access services running in your cloud, and how are they going to connect back to you and to other networks? AWS facilitate a number of options, ranging from simple encrypted internet connections to enterprise grade BGP routing hubs […]

Cloudten Microblog: Turning it up to 11 with AWS’ New X1 Instance

Late last year, AWS announced the new X1 instance type for extremely heavy compute workloads. The largest ever EC2 instance type, with 8 times more memory than the next highest (and 4 times more than the highest available Azure VM), is now available via special order in a number of AWS regions (including Sydney). With a breathtaking 128 […]

AWS Security Groups Across Peered VPCs

Every week AWS has product announcements. These can range from minor enhancements to existing services, services coming online in a new region, right up to brand new product releases. It can be quite hard to keep up and you could easily be forgiven for overlooking the importance of some of these broadcasts. It’s for this reason […]

Migrate DNS Zones to Route 53 FAST!

  AWS Route 53 has proven itself to be a robust, flexible and feature rich DNS service. It is very simple to use yet offers a wide range of advanced functions that smoothly integrate with AWS’ dynamic cloud services. For example, Route 53’s ALIAS record type allows a DNS name to be resolved to an […]

Test Driving AWS Elastic File System (EFS)

The new ElasticFilesystem (EFS) service from AWS presents customers with an attractive low cost shared (NFS v4) storage solution that is highly durable and scalable. In this post we aim to put EFS through its paces in terms of both performance and reliability. AWS has a knack for releasing new services and product updates at breakneck […]

Cloudten: AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Cloudten is proud to announce that at the start of 2016 we officially received Advanced Consulting Partner status with AWS. This is a great achievement for us, especially in light of the fact that we have reached this goal in just over a year and the qualifying criteria has recently been tightened considerably with the […]

GlusterFS in AWS

Whilst AWS provide a wide range of storage options, up until very recently, there has been no official managed service for a high performance filesystem that implemented any of the standard network share protocols (eg, NFS, CIFS, iSCSI etc). The AWS Storage Gateway does provide a front end for shared storage but it is ultimately […]

SIEM in the AWS Cloud – Limiting the Blast Radius

In a previous post we gave an overview of SIEM technology in general and touched upon a few of the existing vendor products in both the traditional and cloud spaces. This follow up focuses specifically on security event management within the AWS cloud and presents some options for implementing a SIEM solution. The basic role of […]

SIEM in the Cloud (Part 1)

This blog entry is part one of a three part post relating to security event management in the cloud. This first entry gives a high level overview of SIEM in general, the second will focus on this technology in the AWS cloud, and the final piece will discuss managed security services in the cloud. Security Information […]