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Top 5 AWS S3 must-knows for consultants

Amazon S3 is one of the the most popular cloud storage services. It is helpful to use the traditional file system as a reference to start working with S3, however there are architectural differences that you must know about if you are doing anything serious in the cloud. In this post I review some foundational […]

AWS GuardDuty – Intelligent Threat Detection

AWS GuardDuty Amazon GuardDuty is an intelligent cloud scale managed threat detection service, but the easiest way to think of it is as an AWS cloud infrastructure focused intrusion detection system. There is no prevention and protection – it is continuous security monitoring and threat detection focused on cloud infrastructure.   GuardDuty does not replace your IDS (HIDS, NIDS), IPS, or SIEM but enriches them with heavy uplifting of log analysis and […]