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Intro to AWS Shield

      Amazon Shield is the service name for the inbuilt DDOS protection service that has been running in the background of AWS. AWS have decided to make its existence public and share details on its capabilities and features. If you already use AWS then you are already taking advantage of Amazon Shield. They provide this […]

AWS summit impressions

We are 5 hours into the summit at the time of writing and it has been a blast! Some quick facts from the keynote: 1017 platform updates for AWS in 2017 90+ services running on AWS Over 5000 people in attendance There is a big theme on superpowers this year with the different breakout sessions […]

AWS launches Amazon Connect

Amazon has launched its Connect service to provide a cloud based contact centre offering. This service allows  you to setup a contact centre in minutes powered by the same technology in use by the Amazon support team. The service is entirely managed and automatically scales to allow for any volume of calls. You can organise […]

AWS’s new AI services – an overview

In addition to their machine learning service, late last year AWS announced three new exciting tools: Lex, Polly and Rekognition.  These new tools are vastly different but under the same theme of  intelligently identifying or manipulating data automatically with machines.  From speech to sight and beyond, these services  allow for a number of exciting new […]

Take the hassle out of being popular online with AWS

One of the many advantages of running systems in Amazon Web Services is that you can scale up without the headaches traditionally involved with making systems more available. Let’s take a look at how a system can expand to suit our needs! Level one: The rookie You have just started your blog, all you need is […]